sábado, 21 de novembro de 2015

OPINION: Zayn and his recent attitudes

I don't like Zayn is being lately... I honestly don't know if he's being a himself or just a dick. I remember how shy Zayn used to me, barely talking about stuffs. He barely talked about Perrie, or their relationship. However, since he left One Direction he's been letting me down so many times. 
First was when he left One Direction. Not like I was mad at him for leaving 1D, it was his choice and I respected it from the day one. However, the excuses he gave were stupid and needless. He first didn't said a thing, then when he got pissed because people were asking him why, he said it was because he wanted to be a 'normal guy of 22 years old' but then a few weeks later drops a song. A normal 22 year old boy doesn't have fans, doesn't drops songs whenever they want.
Second, was when he turned into Louis. No, Zayn, Louis have been there for you for 4 years and now you diss him on Internet saying for him to not put his nose on his life? What the hell? He defended you and you turned against him for someone you barely know? Yes, it doesn't how many deep talks you have with Naughty Boy, what comes to friendship, I'm pretty sure Louis never let you down.
Third was when he left Perrie. Again, not like I was mad for him leaving Perrie. I was sad when I heard it for the first time, yes, because I loved those two together and I really thought they would last, at least longer than they did. Then I heard he finished everything through a phone call. I first didn't want to believe, I don't think he, who was with her two days before she went to America, would break up with her through a stupid phone call. However, a few days ago I went to the Internet and saw him admiting that he didn't wanted to but 'he had to'. What the hell do you mean with 'you have to', Zayn? You're madly rich! Are you seriously telling me that with all the money you have from One Direction's years, you couldn't have told her personally? I don't know, I heard Los Angeles was good that time of year, or whatever she was. The reason why you broke up with her is up to you two and I seriously don't want to know but I think - in fact, I'm sure - she deserved way more respect than she did.
You have been letting me down with the attitudes you have been doing, Zayn. I don't know if I'm finally meeting the real Zayn or if it's just a phase. I hope it's the latter. However, no matter what, I'll always love you.

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