domingo, 13 de novembro de 2016

November 13th - One Year Has Passed

It’s been a year. A freaking year since these attacks shook not only Paris but the World. Of course, Paris suffered the most, without a doubt. What amazed me is that the whole World suffered along. In my family dinner, I was the one who told them the news but I stared at my phone for 5 minutes when I received the news (Thank you, Vodafone, by the way). I just couldn’t believe what I was reading. It wasn’t in my country but I felt so sad, I felt a pain in my heart (maybe I’m different, maybe I’m too connected to the foreign countries, maybe I care too much for people I don’t know in countries beside my own). 

France had suffered in January 6th with the attack on Charlie Hebdo but we didn’t predicted what happened on November 13th last year. It came into a shook to all of us and even though some might’ve not cared that much, I did. France and Belgium were the two European countries attacked by these type of attack in 2016 and it still doesn’t make it okay. We shouldn’t turn on the news and see that an attack had happen and change channel because it happened last month. Nothing makes it okay to wake up to that type of news. 

My love and prayers go to the families and people affected. To the victims and their families. To the people who managed to escape but that nightmare was craved in their minds. To the people whose still cry for their loved ones. To the angels who are now seeing us from wherever they are. To everyone affected, even the slightest, by what happen. November 13th marked a serial of attacks in France during 2016.

We shouldn’t go by this day, while it’s its first anniversary, and pretend nothing happened. It happened. It might’ve not affected you directly and personally but it affected your fellows Europeans. We’ll never be a family if we don’t start acting like one. Just because a year has passed, it still doesn’t make it okay.

(Bélem Tower, Lisbon, Portugal)

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