domingo, 13 de novembro de 2016

Trump Triumphs - USA Presidential Election ( November 8th, 2016)

Today is a sad day. Not only a sad day to America and all Americans who believe in freedom and liberty and equity but to everyone all around the world. Today is a sad, frustrating and full of anger type of day. Why is a sad day to all of us? Well, if you don’t understand is because you haven’t been following the news and/or don’t understand the gravity of the situation. Trump will not only the president of a country but a world leader. He’ll have access to the codes of the nuclear bombs; he’ll be in charge of the army; he’ll be the one calling the shots, not only in America but all around the world. People seem to forget what a massive country America is and how much America’s opinion, decision and choice actually weight in our daily life.

I am beyond pissed, sad, angry and frustrated of what happened today. Yes, I’m Portuguese and yes, America is not my country but it is a country I fondly love and want to go to. And yes, maybe foreign politics interests me so deeply since I have followed this election since it began: EIGTHTEEN MONTHS AGO. For one year and a half, I’ve been following this election and yes, even picked my favourites. After the Americans totally dismissed Bernie Sanders and he had failed to win the primaries, I turned my attention to Hillary Clinton. A strong, powerful and intelligent woman who did nothing but to serve her country in the best way she can since a very young age. Hillary is not just the wife of Bill Clinton, she’s a strong independent woman who studied and fought to be where she should be today: on her way to the White House as the first female president.

Foreign people don’t seem to understand how bad it is to have Trump as President of one of the world’s strongest countries, if not the strongest. Trump has shown he is racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist and narcissist. He had blamed the World problems on Muslims, on black/latino people, on women, on the LGBT+ community. He has put blame on everyone but on white Christian American men. He said he was going to build a wall between Mexico and America and make Mexico pay for it; he said he was going to deport millions of Mexicans; he called awful names to the latino community that I won’t repeat here; he blamed sexual assault on women and said we don’t have the right to abortion, he even rated women from 1 to 10 on beauty as if we were back in primary school; he said the LGBT+ community doesn’t have the same right as the straight people; he insulted Chinese people; he insulted Brazilian people; he said terrorism is caused by Muslims WHEN we all know the religion doesn’t define a person; he accused Barack Obama – an EXCELENT President – of being the founder of ISIS; he accused Obama of being foreign; he accused Hillary of being corrupt; he accused her of being ill and hiding it; he called her ‘Crocked Hillary’; he insulted his fellow republicans whenever they didn’t agree with him; he insulted everyone but white Christian American men. He was endorsed by KKK. His ‘plans’ are the same as Hitler’s, the only different was the exchange from Jews to Mexicans. Do you want another Hitler? Yeah, because it worked so damn well in the 30s and 40s, right?!

People around me have been saying “Why so worked up with this elections? It’s not even your country!”. Sure, it’s not my country but it is a country! There are people living there, whether you like Americans or not. There are innocent people there who want a change in their country but the strength of racism spoke louder than them. We shouldn’t judge them for this because their pain can become our pain. When a person is as unstable as Donald Trump and that person has the code for the nuclear bombs, I think that should be everyone’s problem. Just because you’re Portuguese or you’re not in America doesn’t mean it won’t affect you. Hitler started with Germany and nearly ruled Europe. Thinking that this is only a problem for the Americans is thinking little and it is one of the reasons why the World is so divided right now. We have our differences, we come from different countries, different cultures, different religions, different races, however that shouldn’t be a barrier between us. It is the division that made those awful things in our past that we, kids, learn at school. You think what you learn at school is Sci-Fiction? No. It’s History. It happened.
Donald Trump might not become that bad of a President. However, it can be the one who starts World War III and, possibility, the end of the World. You think I’m overreacting? Look at what happened in World War II… You think we can survive to another Hitler?

Before you dismiss these elections’ results, look at History. Now look around you. It’s not just their problem, it’s ours as well.

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